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The Sun Never Sets is a developing organization born from a family's passion to fight the epidemic of substance misuse and the discrimination that surrounds it.

We are the family of Riley Wolfe. Our brother and son was an accomplished Division I athlete, a college graduate and a successful working professional. He had a contagious spirit that brightened every room and made people feel special and loved. He included the underdog, encouraged the unconfident and had a magical way of inspiring those around him to be bigger than themselves, as he was. Never would you expect someone with such a contagious smile and electric energy to be struggling such a fight against opioid addiction.

Riley sustained a career-ending injury as a soccer player at Duke University and was introduced to opioids to control his pain by his medical doctors. At a time in which he was struggling to transition from collegiate athlete to working professional, Riley became trapped by a disease that affects millions of people in the US – opioid misuse.

We watched him fight his substance misuse, and for those of you who have been affected, you know how dynamic and challenging this can be. Riley lost his fight in October of 2017, a fight that 130 Americans lose each day. And while we struggle with our loss, we know Riley would tell us to take some action bigger than ourselves.

Our goal is ambitious – to create and share a symbol of opioid awareness and, with your help, change the culture around opioid misuse. We will build a community, raise awareness and erase the stigma that surrounds this non-discriminatory disease.

Like the ceaseless cycle of the sun, addiction is something someone is always fighting. But we have learned that those who pass are never really gone - their spirit and legacy lives on. In this case, the loss of our Riley has ignited a fire in us; an unparalleled commitment towards our mission. Even when our sun sets, it rises somewhere else in the world.

The Sun Never Sets. Neither will we. Neither will he.

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