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A Momma's Post

by Momma

How do I start

I really don’t know where to begin

The day he was born we were so happy and excited

We had a boy to go with our girl!!

July 30, 1992.

He was special, super athletic from day one!

I used to tie his walker to the garage,

So he wouldn’t run the thing into the street.

He would run down the street as a toddler

Fall so hard but flip out of the fall on two feet?!

He went on to surprise us as an athlete

An outgoing kid that everyone loved to be around

It all came so easy to him,

The beach, his friends, his spirits, and school.

He went to college and had a couple of injuries

And was prescribed painkillers.

I think he got through the first knee injury okay

Then a second horrific injury occurred, it was career-ending

…And again they gave him painkillers.

We knew something was wrong

But I was too naive to realize the help he needed.

After he graduated he came home and was doing so well

But I didn’t realize he was still using opioids.

After time and a breakup from a girlfriend

He started using even more.

Finally I knew he needed help

But I wasn’t sure how to deal

I should have educated myself more

But I thought I was helping…

And one night he was gone.

People need to know how addictive these drugs are,

Doctors need to stop prescribing over and over again,

It takes only a short time to become addicted.

I don’t want this to happen to any other family,

It hurts so much everyday.

Know that it’s not okay to misuse these killer drugs.

Know that there are several ways to help.

Educate, talk about it - do whatever it takes.

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You are so brave--good for you! What you have to say is so important. Patty

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