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remembering my brother

by Lexi Wolfe

I’ve always looked up to my older siblings - whether that be academically or socially. They always seemed to have everything together and since I’m 14 and 11 years younger than them they have both been major role models. Even though we lost Riley about 4 years ago to an opioid overdose he continues to be a role model for me to this day.

Riley was always the one to include everyone and was always true to himself. Even to this day he continues to influence me to be inclusive and be myself in my everyday life.

Even though my brother may be gone his memory lives on - there doesn’t go a day where I don’t experience an amazing sunset or a silly joke that always reminds me that my brother is still around. We love and miss you Riles - your sun will never set.

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Thanks so much for doing this--it is thoughtful and enlightening--and needed to be said. Good for you. Grammy

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I couldn't agree more! Riley taught us so much about how to love ourselves, life, and others ❤️

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